The Queensland Investors Club Inc. provides a forum enabling investors to share and increase their investment knowledge in a supportive environment.

Innovative investors founded QIC Inc. in the wake of the 1987 share market crash.

Members are an inclusive group of individuals. Some are actively working while others are retired or semi-retired and managing their investments. Many come from business backgrounds, from diverse fields and industries. There are a number of sophisticated investors who actively manage their own Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) while others actively trade shares.

Some members use fundamental criteria (e.g. financial ratios), others use technical analysis (charts). Some use both. All share a common aim ... to be a successful investor.

At club meetings members share their own knowledge through member presentations. There is also a “Round Robin” discussion at the end of every monthly meeting where members are invited to briefly share their thoughts, tips and concerns.

Queensland Investors Club Inc. attracts high-caliber guest speakers who are highly regarded in their own field and who are willing to share their unique insights, throughout meetings.

  • Present membership exceeds 100 active members.
  • QIC Inc. does not manage any pooled investments.
  • Club meetings are held at The Brisbane Club in the city on the second Tuesday of each month. We welcome all visitors. However, for catering purposes, it is necessary to register and pay before the meeting.


  1. Support Forum. QIC Inc. provides a supportive environment that socially connects investment minded individuals which enables them to share their investment experiences and increase their investment knowledge.
  2. Learn and understand about the risks and rewards of investments as well as future driven opportunities.
  • From guest speakers that are successful in their chosen industry.
  • From members sharing their real life investment experiences and knowledge.

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